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Cash Buying

Here at Elliott Davis Properties we have clients who have large quantities of hard cash available and are always looking to purchase properties.

They are generally looking to purchase any type of property in any condition provided that the price is right.

Because they have cash ready, there is no need for them to obtain mortgages, instruct surveyors, etc thereby cutting down the selling process by more than half!

If a buyer was to obtain a mortgage, etc the average time for the selling process is usually about 8-12 weeks just to exchange contracts. However, our cash buyers are in a position to exchange contracts with 24 hours and can usually complete within 2-4 weeks*

Also to make life even easier for the vendors, we do the initial valuation and negotiations with the vendors and then offer it to our clients. A lot of the time, the clients won’t even visit the property as they take our word that they are getting a good deal.

Please note that the property is NOT placed on the open market so you don’t have to worry about the public wasting your time with silly offers etc.

This process is especially good for vendors: -

  • Who are in financial trouble e.g. homeowners facing repossession proceedings; we can help save them from ruining their credit status and they can still make some money from the property as opposed to losing it all to an unscrupulous mortgage company.
  • Whose property has been sitting on the open market for month & months with no forward progress.
  • Who have lost a buyer and need to sell fast.
  • Who are looking sell off rental properties/portfolios.
  • Who are just generally looking to sell their property

For vendors, selling the property quickly & with minimum of fuss is of the upmost priority.

So if you want to sell your property quickly, please do not hesitate to call us on 020-8552 0711 or email us info@elliottdavis.co.uk

* Exchange & completion times are dependant upon vendor’s solicitors being ready to act quickly

Cash Buyers
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