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Residential Mortgages

If you are looking to buy a property to live, our brokers can through a vast array of lenders to find mortgage products that suit your needs.

We have been helping buyers to get onto the property ladder by arranging mortgages for decades.

Our brokers have access to all lenders across the UK and they pride themselves in doing two things: -

  1. Getting the best deal to suit your needs
  2. Creating a hassle free service

By getting those 2 fundamental points in place, we can ensure that you get the best value for money service and hopefully, you will either recommend us to your friends & family or give us your repeat business.

The reason why we want your recommendation is simple – company reputations are built up by 'word of mouth' so the best recommendation we can get is from a satisfied client.

Buy To Let Mortgages (BTL)

If you are considering buying a property for investment purposes then we can use our extensive network of BTL mortgage companies to help find you the best deal that matches to your property.

The BTL rates do differ from residential mortgage rates.

Commercial Loans

Unlike residential mortgages, commercial properties such as shops do not fall into the residential sector of lending. These require banks/building societies who have a commercial lending division.

As with mortgages, we have access to all commercial lenders and will find the best deal that suits your purchase.

The Commercial Loan rates do differ from residential mortgage rates.

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