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Selling A Property

Selling a property can be a pain but we don’t think it has to be like that. We ensure that the selling process is as smooth and efficient as possible by being totally focused and maintaining a highly professional, personalised service.

It's done in a few easy steps as illustrated below: -

Market Appraisal

First thing you need to do is find out how much your property is worth. We will provide a no obligation FREE market appraisal.

Once you've have your market appraisal, you can then decide whether to move onto the next step.

Instructing Selling Agent

If you are satisfied with the market appraisal, just let us know you want to go ahead with the sale.

We will then draw up the necessary sales agreement between us and you, and provide you with a copy of the sales particulars that will be given out to the public.

You are now required by law to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate prior to marketing the property.

Once you have got your sales agreement in place, you’re now ready to move onto the next step.

Placing Your Property on the Open Market / Viewings

We will then immediately advertise your property through various newspapers, internet property portals, our own client database and so on. However, we find the most traditional of adverts are the best, being the good old fashioned For Sale Board placed outside your property.

We also work closely with other local agents to help sell your property quickly.

We have a huge advertising budget and are always looking at different avenues of advertising..

Naturally, all potential buyers will want to look at your property. We never allow potential buyers to just 'knock at your door'. We will always call you to make a fixed appointment.

We would advise that when a potential buyer is going to come around, make sure the property is neat & tidy!

Once a potential buyer is found, you're ready for the next step.


The potential buyer will make you an offer for your property. Sometimes you will get a full price offer, other times you will be offered below the asking price. If the offer received is below the asking price, then we will enter into a phase of negations between yourselves and the buyer.

Once we've agreed a price between you and the buyer we issue all of the relevant paperwork and let the solicitors begin their work.

Most buyers will require a mortgage. We always take details of the mortgage company/broker the buyer (if not us) is dealing with so that we make continual checks on the progress of the mortgage application.

During the course of the mortgage application, the mortgage company will need to send one of their own surveyors to your property for valuation.

Once the survey has been done, then your buyer will receive their mortgage offer.

Exchange & Complete

Your buyer will then pay the monies to his /her solicitors who will then in turn 'Exchange Contracts'. This is done usually with 10% deposit (unless otherwise arranged) and the buyer has an agreed time period to pay the balance of the monies – normally 28 days.

A Completion date will be set by both your solicitor and the buyer's solicitor. During this time you will need to arrange to remove all of your belongings – including yourselves!

On the day of completion, your solicitor would have received all of the funds from the buyers solicitor and will instruct you to hand over the keys to the new owner of the property.

Your solicitor will then disburse the funds as required (pay off any mortgage you still have, yourself, etc) and that’s job done!!

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