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The process of identifying and buying a property can be a bit confusing no doubt, however, it can be simplified in a few steps as detailed below:

Creating a property budget when you have cash is easy enough, but if you are short on cash or you plan on working with a mortgage, then it is important to determine how much you can get access to. Our highly qualified mortgage brokers are on hand to help you work out exactly what you can afford to purchase, after which we will work with you to find the best property for you.

Finding the right property that suits your personal taste, fits within your budget and has no issues is not always easy, especially when you have to visit several properties in order to identify which is perfect for you. We are at the top of Estate Agency in East London and as such we have a large array of properties on our books from which you can choose what suits you best. However, regardless of whether what you need is on our books or not, we are always willing to help you deal with the buying process. So don’t hesitate to make that offer.

There is an art (as well as a skill) to making an offer and one point to remember is what we generally refer to as ‘worthy offers’. Basically, while you are free to offer whatever comes to mind, it is advisable to make sure your offers are not ridiculously below the asking price as that would be seen as a ‘silly’ offer. When an offer is reasonable, even if it is below the asking price, it is easier to go into negotiations with the seller. If a price is agreed upon, then we will begin the necessary paperwork and instruct solicitors.

If you are applying for a mortgage, then the mortgage company will have one of their surveyors do a property valuation. It is only after that is done that you will receive a mortgage offer after which, you are all set for the next step.

This step is where you pay the agreed upon sum to your solicitors who will then ‘Exchange Contracts’. Usually, what is paid is often a 10% deposit, unless otherwise stated. The seller would normally agree on a time period to pay the balance. After this, a Completion date is agreed upon by both solicitors. The next phase is handing over the keys and then you’re all set to move into your new property.

On the previously agreed completion date, your solicitor would have sent the balance of the sum to the seller’s solicitor. Once that is done, the keys will be given to you and you thereupon become the proud owner of a new property.