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We also provide eviction services if you need a Tenant evicted for any of the following reasons:
Defaulting in rental payment by Tenant
Tenants claiming Housing Benefit without remitting full amount
Need to reclaim property from a bad Tenant
Tired of continually paying solicitors fees and want to pull the plug on that.

At Elliott Davis Properties, we have a partnership with local solicitors to help you get your Tenant out off your property in a cost effective and timely manner.
Why Have We done This?
The rationale for this is simple. Over the years we have spent a lot of time and energy aiding our Landlords gain possession of their properties from bad Tenants. In the process we have used different methods including bailiffs, solicitors and companies who keep charging until the job is done.
This method was not only ineffective, but cost more than it should have because of a lack of knowledge on the part of many of the solicitors. In order to lower costs for our Landlords and ensure that the job got done as smoothly and stress-free as possible, we created a unique process that uses a three stage fixed fee process.

The 3 Stage Process includes:

Stage – 1
This stage involves serving your Tenant(s) with the required Notices within 48 hours after you contact us. For most Tenants, this process is sufficient to get them to sit up.
The Tenant is given 14 days to 2 months to act on this step. They have the option of paying their rent of vacating the property. If they do neither, we move on to the next stage.

Stage 2
We brief our solicitors who then go on and issue proceedings. A date is set for a court hearing and a Barrister is briefed, who then goes on to obtain a possession order before a judge. If the Tenant receives the court’s order and does not take action, we move to the next stage.

Stage 3
At this stage, we contact the court bailiffs to remove a Tenant who obstinately refuses to leave, thereafter getting back your property.

This service has worked for Landlords over the years.