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For Tenants, an important aspect of renting is the location. You need to research and figure out the best areas for you. A list of things you find crucial such as schools, shops, transport links, etc., will be helpful. It would also be a great way to guide your local estate agent on the best rental property for you.

Always state how soon you need to move into the rental property. If your need is an urgent one, inform your agent so they can do all they possibly can to ensure you find the right place quickly.

As much as possible, have a flexible schedule so that when you need to view a property quickly, you can be available. Rental properties move very quickly and one that is available one might have been taken by the next day.
Some details are not important, so don’t let them inform your decision. Let your agent know if you have a problem with the colour of the walls, the size of the sofa, etc., Most Landlords are flexible and willing to accommodate the Tenant’s requests within reason.

Be sure to state early if you need changes or improvements done by the Landlord. Once you move in, it’s not always easy to get the Landlord to agree to the changes.