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When searching for a rental, it is important to have the following on hand before making an offer:
A holding deposit: many Landlords and letting agents require this before they would secure the property for you.
References: this is mandatory. Therefore, you might want to get a guarantor if you feel your references might not be satisfactory.

Once they are satisfied with your references, then you can occupy the property once you’ve paid full balance signed the Tenancy Agreement and Inventory. If you change your mind or your references are not satisfactory, or for whatever reason, you Landlord decides not to go on, you may have to forfeit all or some of your holding deposit as stated by the terms and condition.

Once you move in to your property, you need to inform the local services such as gas, water, electricity, telephone and the Local Council tax department. This is important because unless otherwise stated, these bills are paid by the Tenant. To avoid any disruptions, ensure that you have sorted things out with these services at least a week or two before moving. As a new customer, you might be required to make a deposit to some utility companies. Some other people you should let of your new address include the Royal Mail, your bank and your employers.