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Once you have occupied the property, if you discover any problems during the period of your tenancy or any maintenance or repair needs, you should let your Landlord or agent know on time since they have the duty to see to those problems.

The tenancy agreement provides that the Landlord or agent should be able to visit the property in order to inspect the condition of the rental. A time should be agreed upon that is convenient for both parties before any such visit is made.

Occasionally, the Landlord might require you to let his or her representative gain access to the property in order to carry out repairs or maintenance that are part of the Landlord’s responsibility.

Make sure you go through the property and check for damages or breakages that you repaired or replaced before you vacate it. Also do you utmost to leave the property clean and tidy.

Once the tenancy period expires, the Landlord or his or her agent will carry out a final inspection against the inventory signed by you in order to confirm that you have left the property in a condition that is satisfactory without damage or breakages.

Should you breach your tenancy obligations in any way or if there is any damage, or excess wear and tear, the Landlord has the right to deduct from your deposit. However, if the property is left in a satisfactory condition, your deposit or bond should be returned by the Landlord as soon as you vacate the property.

Important Do’s:

  • Always check the inventory.
  • Inform the relevant utilities of your intention to move into the rental property.
  • Once your tenancy period expires, ensure you turn over all the keys in your possession.
  • Be sure to get your rent to the Landlord or his or her agent when it is due.
  • Inform your bank, employers and Royal Mail of your intention to move.
  • Let your Landlord know of any repairs or maintenance issues as soon as possible.
  • When in doubt, ask.

Important Don’ts:

  • Change the terms and conditions contained in the tenancy agreement.
  • Fail to let the Landlord or his or agent know before moving out or leaving the property vacant for a long period.
  • Substitute your deposit as the last month’s rent. The law forbids this.
  • Sublet the property or take in paying guests.
  • Carry out any redecoration or major repairs, maintenance or renewals without first informing the Landlord.
  • Bar the Landlord or a representative from reasonable access to the property.