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Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Keeping a rental property well maintained is the responsibility of every landlord. But, what does this mean and how can you ensure that you do not breach any legal requirements? Here at Elliot Davis Properties, we have drawn up 15 helpful tips which are culled from our years of experience.

Have the bathroom floor and walls fully tiled and ensure that there aren’t many areas in the kitchen that will wear out easily.

Using anti-mould paint or special wipe-clean paint in the bathroom and kitchen reduces the occurrence of mould and makes cleaning easier for tenants.

Where possible, there should be at least a window in the bathroom and kitchen. If not, a good exterior fan should do the job.

This means that you should not hide all the pipework behind tiles or walls so that they are easily accessible to the plumber, without making much of a mess.

Create a 5-year plan that incorporates regular checks on gas, electrical, smoke/fire alarms and boiler service, among others. Also factor in other maintenance like repainting, cleaning furnishings, garden maintenance, etc. A good property maintenance budget should cover all these.

At Elliot Davis Properties, our maintenance team carries out thorough periodic maintenance for our clients. If we are managing a property on your behalf, we go through the rooms and areas of your property that are easily given to wear and tear. If you would rather handle your property maintenance, have a checklist that covers areas like the hall and staircase walls, windows, bathroom grout, cupboard hinges and the ceilings. An additional tip is to use the inventory to assess any possible damages.

There are minor problems that can easily be fixed by a handyman, so having one on stand-by is a good idea. We have a team of capable handymen at Elliot Davis Properties who can be called upon to take care of minor problems and advice when skilled experts are needed.

Minor issues can easily lead to big problems. This is why it is important to encourage tenants to report any issues to you as soon as possible.

It is tempting to just patch over a problem area instead of properly fixing it, mostly because it is cheaper. However, this option can become very costly pretty quickly, causing major property maintenance issues for you. Also, promptly fixing problems keeps tenants happy.

It is important to clear out the gutter and drains after and before winter to avoid blockage. This is another often overlooked area of property maintenance, which could lead to a lot of damage in future. Regardless of whose responsibility it is to maintain the property, ensure that your handyman handles this at least twice a year.

Get an expert who can thoroughly check and report any potential issues to you, like deep stains and mould build up.

Insuring your large electrical items and white goods is a good idea. We recommend insurance that covers repairs, labour, parts and call-out costs as this ensures quick repairs in a cost effective manner.

This is to make sure that they are functioning properly and are not loose in any way.It is a good idea to get an expert to inspect the electrical system on the property. The ideal time frame is every 5 years or between tenancies.

This includes the roof, floor slabs, windows, doors, chimney flashing and brickwork. Check for cracks, missing render, slipped tiles and ensure that the building is completely wind and water right.

This checklist should make maintaining your property much more efficient. At Elliot Davis Properties, we have a team of qualified experts to handle the maintenance of properties. By engaging us to manage your property, you have access to our team of skilled professionals. Talk to us if you need advice on how to future-proof your property to scale back on maintenance.

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