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There are buyers with a lot of hard cash on hand who are looking for properties to purchase. At Elliott Davis Properties, we have such buyers on our client list. Such buyers are not usually fixated on the condition of the property, they just need the right price. Because they have available cash and are not applying for mortgages, instructing surveyors or engaging in any additional activities related to property sale, the selling process is greatly reduced.

A buyer that is planning to apply for a mortgage would take several weeks (usually 8 – 12 weeks) to get to the exchange contract phase. This is not the case with cash buyers who can exchange contracts in 24 hours or less and complete within a couple of weeks, depending on the ability of your solicitor to work quickly.

Part of our services include initial valuation and negotiation with vendors before we even offer the property to such clients, many of whom do not bother to visit the property because of the implicit trust they place in us.
Such properties are not placed on the open market to prevent time wasters.

  • This process is beneficial for certain type of vendors:
  • Those in financial troubles e.g. facing the prospect of repossession.
  • This process will help save their credit status while still earning from the sale, which might not be the case if a mortgage company takes possession.
  • Those with property that has been on the open market for a long while without much sign of progress.
  • Those who need to sell quickly because they lost a buyer.
  • Those who want to get rid of rental properties/portfolios.
  • Those who just want to sell their property quickly.

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