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When you have the right property agent, then selling your property becomes a seamless and hassle-free process. At Elliott Davis Property, we bring in professionalism and customised service to ensure that you sell your property with the least stress possible.

We have outlined a few steps to make the entire process much easier.

First on the list is the value of your property. Once this is done, it’s easier to focus on finding the right estate agent and the right audience to market your property to. We provide a no-strings, no-cost market appraisal for your convenience.

After a market appraisal is done, the next step is to engage the services of an estate agent. You are under no obligation to continue with us. However, if you decide to engage us, you can be sure of top notch services. It is at this point that the sales agreement is drawn up and the particulars of sale, which would be made available to the public is provided by the agent. The law also requires that you get an Energy Performance Certificate before your property is put on the market.

The next step we will take is to place adverts in different channels including newspapers, internet portals and our client database, just to mention a few, marketing your property. We ensure that your property is placed before the right audience and work with several other local agents to ensure that your property is sold as quickly as possible.
Apart from our professionalism, customer friendly service and integrity, we also bring our large advertising budget to the table and continuously explore different methods to give your property the best possible exposure. We take your comfort into consideration ensuring that an appointment is fixed before we show potential buyers your property. This will also give you the opportunity to ensure that the property is tidy and presentable.

Once a potential buyer is found, he or she will make an offer for your property. This could be your full asking price or it could be below that. If the offer falls below your asking price, the next step will be to enter into negotiations between you and the potential buyer.

Once a price is agreed upon the relevant paperwork will be issued and then the solicitors take over here.
In the event that the buyer needs a mortgage, we will follow up on the progress of the application. At this point, the mortgage company will also send their surveyor over to your property for a valuation. It is only after this process is complete that your buyer will be given a mortgage offer.

The next stage will see the exchange of contracts. This is done after the buyer pays the monies to his or her solicitors. The amount is usually a 10% deposit, unless otherwise stated. Then the buyer is thereafter given a period (usually 28 days) in which to pay the balance. This time period is agreed upon between the parties.

The solicitors from both sides will agree upon a completion date. In the period before that date, you need to ensure that the property is habitable. This means arranging to remove all your belongings as well as yourself from the property. On the completion date, your solicitor should have all the funds in possession after which the property keys will be given to the new owner. Once that is done, your solicitor will disburse the funds according to your instruction.

And your sale is complete!